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Frequently Asked Questions


About Us And ProSizes Software

In August 2021 I commenced the design and development of my software ProSizes, which I am very excited to bring to you.

A first! A game changer! A phenomenal time and money saver!

I invented my software because I needed to create Room Mockup composites and print sizes for my Etsy store, without outsourcing.

There was no software available that performed all of these actions, for me, and fellow photographers, who wanted to create their Room Mockup composites and print sizes, to enable them to sell their work on online platforms too.

Mark Pollitt, Founder and Software Designer ProSizes 2021-2022 ©

What is ProSizes Software?

  • This software resizes and reformats JPG files
  • Composites them into backgrounds from 25 gorgeous rooms
  • Creates Mockup images for use in online stores
  • Imports images to the included rooms or use your own rooms
  • Creates Custom Sized prints Ready for Your Print Lab
  • Completes these complex processes in a matter of seconds


Will save you hours of editing time and money

  • From 1 JPEG file the user can prepare a set of customised resized images, composites and room Mockups, reducing manual production time, doing each process, individually, in less than 30 seconds, or collectively in less than 2 minutes
  • The software creates multiple image sizes of your choice ready for use with your favourite Lab for printing, etc. Metric alternatives are available
  • Different customisable print size options are available using metric or imperial units
  • Aspect Ratio - allows user re-sizing with no image distortion
  • Mockup backgrounds with placeholders, together with dimensions, are included. Users can introduce their own background files to easily create custom Mockups
  • The user can select the following Mockup selections: Room Mockup and 3D Canvas Mockup in Landscape Portrait format and square format
  • Flat canvas illustrations are created showing fine canvas detail. Example canvas panels are created in 3D, flat and angled versions
  • The software creates 3 panel split ‘Triptychs’ in Landscape and Portrait formats up to any size. Triptych files are split ready to print
  • User controlled Output Image Quality ranging from 1 - 12 and DPI Selection from 72 - 300


Photoshop Compatible

Room Mock-ups plus
Custom Sizes Software

Essential For Preparation Of Images

  • Easy to use within Photoshop, no skills required
  • High level customisation for users
  • 60 High quality background images are included
  • Will save you hours of editing time and money
  • Over 16 time saving tasks that take seconds to perform
  • Must have Software for Photographers, Artists, Professionals

How Can ProSizes Room Mock-ups + Photo Sizes Software Help You?

Photoshop compatible sizing + room mockup Software
Essential for preparation of images for online sales platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay




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